Major Events During Winter Olympic Games

From ice hockey, figure skating, ski jumping and cross-country skiing to speed skating, these are some of the major events that take place in the Winter Olympics since the games began back in 1924. Here are some key events every fan warm up to

Cities that Rejected the Winter Olympics

Hosting the Olympics came with a lot of pride several years ago, but it is no longer the case. Given the heavy cost that comes with hosting such an event, many cities, despite ticking all the boxes on being great hosts, have rejected such

Fun Facts to Know About Winter Olympics

Are you a fan of winter games and looking into knowing a few facts about them? This piece is meant for you. For starters, the Winter Olympics is an international sporting event which happens once every four years, for the games that take place

Winter Olympics and Calgary

If you are a fan of winter games and looking into learning more about the games, this site has some great information on the same. Calgary in Alberta, Canada, was one of the candidates that had submitted bids to host the 2026 winter Olympics,